Uitenhage Unofficial website of the garden town in the Eastern Cape, designed using CSS3 and html5

Uitenhage is the garden town of the Eastern Cape, learn about the towns history the commerce and industry carried out in Uitenhage. Details of history early settlement and historical Uitenhage, the pages are which are well written and illustrated, covered are Cuyler Manor, Swartkops River, De Rietvallei Gert, Johanna Scheepers and other places in Historic Uitenhage. Volkswagen and Goodyear are but two of the industries mentioned as are numerous commercial activities. The Uitenhage history, industry and commerce including shopping and banking, Uitenhage the garden town in the Eastern Cape. As can be expected this web site is constantly being upgraded but it is never unobtainable.  The use of photographs is permitted provided the author is credited for his work.  I notice that more and more sites are using the phrase "Unofficial Uitenhage Site" or variants of the wording this is a phrase that we started using several years ago.

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